Jungle Din Jungle Animal Party Game

In advance of this jungle din jungle animal party game, hide wrapped animal crackers, fruit snacksJungle Din Jungle Animal Party Game, foil wrapped chocolate coins, small favors or wrapped candies throughout the room or building (or over a limited space when played outdoors). Pick out jungle themed music, and have a whistle handy.

To start: Divide the crowd into equal groups. One player in each group is appointed the leader, and each group is assigned the name of a bird or animal whose call can easily be imitated. The calls of ducks, cows, sheep, donkey, dogs, crows, cats, frogs, horses, etc. are easily given.

Only the leader of the group can pick up any of the treats. At a signal (whistle or music), the hunt starts. Any player finding a nut stands by it and repeats his animal call at the top of his voice until his leader hears him and runs to collect the treat. The hunt lasts no longer than 10 minutes, after which the whistle is blown (and music stopped) to end the hunt and the group with the most nuts is the winner. This is a fun start to the party to get the guests mixing and involved in the theme!

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