Mister Monkey Sandwiches – Jungle Party Food Idea!

Continuing our jungle animal party food ideas, these mister monkey sandwichesMister Monkey Sandwiches - Jungle Party Food Ideas Cute & Easy are cute and easy for parties that occur around mealtimes. They are also easy to adapt to suit children’s selective tastes, using cheese spread, jelly, or other things instead of the peanut butter as needed.

Mister Monkey Sandwiches:

2 slices bread
Peanut butter
3 M&M’s or raisins
Sunflower seeds

Cut a large circle from a slice of bread for the monkey’s face base. Get another slice of bread. Cut a smaller circle for a muzzle and 2 little circles for ears. Spread peanut butter on the face and ears. Put the muzzle on the face, using the peanut butter to hold it in place. Decorate the face with M&M’s (or raisins) for nose and eyes . Use sunflower seeds, red vines, fruit rollups or other candy items for a mouth.

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