Irish Green Holy Communion Thank You Card

A charming damask pattern in a rich Irish green compliments your boy’s personalized First Holy Communion thank you card. The printed damask pattern gives the Irish green Holy Communion thank you card a vintage feeling, complete with a printed ribbon across the width of the thank you card. At the top, the name of your boy is featured with a cursive script and crisp serif font. A photo can be placed directly below in its original color, or changed to black & white. The text thanking family and friends for adding to the joyous spirit of his first Holy Communion can be customized to send a personal message. It can also be changed to cater to a different religious event such as a Baptism, Confirmation or other milestone. As with all our cards, the colors can be changed as you need and can even match colors in the photo itself to create a seamless color palette.

See this and other variations on this design to help inspire you to create your own sweet Communion photo thank you card (simply request the green & brown colors in the notes field if you wish).

Irish Green Holy Communion Thank You Card - Boy's Personalized Damask


  1. Lil Duck Duck - May 28, 2015

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