Irish Birthday Invitation Wording, St. Patricks Day Card Verses

The luck of the Irish and festive shamrocks abound on our St. Patrick’s Day birthday invitation designs! To perfectly compliment them, here are some Irish birthday invitation wording ideas which can be adapted for your own party and for any age on any of our cards:

  • Our St. Patrick’s Day Baby soon will turn 1!  Come join us for the party and a wee bit ‘o fun!Irish Birthday Invitation Wording
  • Irish eyes are filled with glee because ____’s turning three!
  • A year of love, laughter, and fun, our little Irish blessing is turning one!
  • Our Shamrock Sweetheart is turning 1!
  • You’re invited to a Luck ‘O’ the Irish party for _____!
  • Look who’s turning one year old, lucky like a pot ‘o’ gold, join us for the party, let’s celebrate _____ ‘s 1st birthday!
  • Our Irish Prince _____ is turning two!
  • Hear ye, hear ye… A year of laughter, A year of fun, Our wee little Irish Prince _____ is turning one!
  • Come and join all of the fun, Our little leprechaun is turning 1!
  • Two years gone by in the blink of a leprechaun’s eye!
  • ____ wants to party with you, this little leprechaun is turning two!
  • The Luck O’ the Irish and fun galore, join us to celebrate, ____’s turning four!
  • Swing on by for laughter and fun, our shamrock baby is turning one!
  • As sweet and fresh as the morning dew, our wee girl is turning two…
  • Please join us to celebrate ____’s birthday and the luck of the Irish…
  • A year of laughter & fun, our wee babe ____ is turning one!
  • We are so amazed how time just flew…. Our Shamrock baby is turning TWO!!

See more ideas & use any of these Irish birthday invitation wording suggestions on our St. Patrick’s Day birthday invitation designs today!

4 thoughts on “Irish Birthday Invitation Wording, St. Patricks Day Card Verses

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