Invitation Wording for Baby Shower Verses

Continued from our Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas, there are even more verse ideas to share! Now, these suggestions of invitation wording for baby shower cards are perfect for gender neutral, surprise & co-ed showers, meet & greet parties, gender reveal parties, or can easily be adapted to suit them. Each of these verses are followed by one of our matching baby shower invitation designs (feel free to look around, as they can be used on more than just one of our custom party invitations, of course!).

  • Someone tiny and so sweet, will soon be here for you to meet!Invitation Wording for Baby Shower Verse Cards, Co-ed Surprise
  • In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a baby sleeps tonight. We’re WILD with excitement! ____’s tummy is expanding, the time is drawing near. Let’s shower her with love and gifts before baby gets here. (Jungle Safari Baby Shower Invitation)
  • The time has arrived, to make your guess, will baby ___ be a prince or a princess? Your presence is requested at a royal reveal honoring ___ (Fairytale Coach Baby Shower Invitation)
  • All Aboard, Precious cargo on the way! Let’s get ____ prepared for the big day! (Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Come on a Rainforest Adventure – Who knows what you will see? Could it be a toucan or a monkey in the tree? Please come celebrate and share in the joy – To honor ____, our very special mommy-to-be.
  • Like a sudden rain on a garden of flowers, we want to shower our mommy-to-be with expressions of love and good wishes at a Baby Shower. (Butterfly Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Boy or Girl? Cars & Trucks or Ribbons & Bows – What are they Having? Nobody knows!  (Stitched Flowers Ultrasound Photo Shower Invitation)
  • Hide and Seek behind a leaf… Someone wants to tickle two little feet… Or play frog with a little one who will want to leap! 
  • Lights are flashing… Wheels are rolling… Sirens are blaring because ____’s little baby is almost here! (Fire Truck Baby Shower Invitation)
  • We’re WILD with excitement!
    _____ are adding to their zoo.
    Let’s celebrate their baby on the way,
    With love, laughter, and all of you! (Colorful Zoo Animal Baby Shower Invitation)

  • _____’s Baby Shower is Under Construction! (Construction Trucks Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Mommy & Daddy’s little frog is on the way, help us get them ready for the big day! (Little Green Frog Baby Shower Invitation)
  • First was love, then came marriage, now the ____s need a baby carriage! (Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation)
  • Birds are chirping and monkeys are chattering, the rainforest is alive with news.  ____ and ____ are expecting a baby, let’s shower them with gifts they can use!
  • Let’s Splash Gifts upon ____ for her new baby shower! (Underwater Fish Shower Invitation)
  • Someone special, someone dear, Someone new will soon be here! She is expecting a baby, A new bundle of joy… A very special gift of either a girl or a boy! (Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation)
  • ______ can’t wait for their newest “pup” to arrive! Share in the joy as we honor…
  • Squeal with glee, _____ is having a baby! Celebrate with us at her baby shower…
  • Is it a girl or is it a boy? Either way, it will be a bundle of joy! 
  • Baby ____ is almost due, we don’t know if it’s pink or blue! ___ and ____ can hardly wait, so join us as we celebrate! (Flowers Ultrasound Photo Shower Invitation)
  • Howdy Pardners! Get your boots on and your cowboy gear! We’re having a party to celebrate, ’cause the baby’s almost here! (Country Western Cowboy Shower Invitation)

Need even more ideas? Browse our custom baby shower invitation galleries!

Invitation Wording for Baby Shower Verse Cards, Co-ed Surprise

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