Instructions for Little Leaps – quick links for troubleshooting

When we reviewed the Leapfrog Little Leaps system back in September, we did not have any technical issues with pairing the controller to our Playstation 2, or with the games running. The only issues we had were with some of the actual game discs. You can read our update on the Little Leaps system for more information. However, given the number of people who contact me about their issues with the Little Leaps system, here are two easy ways to get customer support from Leapfrog:

  1. Read their troubleshooting questions & answers to see if your problem is addressed there – if not, then…
  2. Go to the support tab on the bottom of the main Leapfrog page, then click on Ask A Question, then find the Little Leaps in the drop down product listing.

42 thoughts on “Instructions for Little Leaps – quick links for troubleshooting

  1. I need setup code for RCA DVD player thank uou

  2. I buy an used little leaps but no manuel, I need the codes for the DVD PLAYERS.
    Can you help me?
    Thank for your help!

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