Ideas For Unique Wedding Thank You Gifts

Lil’ Duck Duck presents some ideas for unique wedding thank you gifts, making your special day something that is remembered. A marriage is a commitment for both the couple and those who witness it. So, finding ways to keep the memory of that day alive can range from the traditional to the unique, as you’ll see in our little list below:

Ideas For Unique Wedding Thank You Gifts - Marriage Couple DayUnique Idea #1: Custom Made Bottle Openers

Lil’ Duck Duck is all about making custom products and these bottle openers from Qualtry follow that same philosophy. This unique wedding thank you idea impressed us with the simple presentation and variety of fonts and layouts. Useful products that can be enjoyed for years to come are always a special treasure.
Elegant Ivory Photo Wedding Thank You Stickers - Classic Round Circle

Unique Idea #2: Wedding Photo Stickers

A perfect gift for those who enjoy the preservation of memories in scrap booking or similar methods. These circular wedding stickers are perfect for putting on an assortment of gifts including gift bags, baskets of goodies, bottles of wine or other various gifts that benefit from a unique touch.


Ideas For Unique Wedding Thank You Gifts - Marriage Couple Day

Unique Idea #3: Wedding Challenge Coins
The wedding party is a group of people that stand by you during one of the most important days of your life. It can be these same people that you rely on in the years to come. A unique wedding thank you idea for this elite group takes a cue from a traditionally military practice of challenge coins. Traditionally, the coin is to mark membership of a unit and to boost morale. When used for a wedding party, you are making a statement that these friends and family are part of your new family and that you value their commitment to you and your new family’s future.

Unique Wedding Thank You Ideas Flower SeedsUnique Idea #4: Flower Seeds

Love is something that grows. It may require weeding, pruning, and other gardening metaphors but nothing symbolizes the growth of a relationship quite like actually growing your own plant. Give your guests a packet of seeds of the flower your wedding features. You can even use a themed woven basket… such as the country sunflower setup pictured here.



Simple-Love-Photo-Thank-You-Card-500x361Unique Idea #5: Custom Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Okay, so we are a little biased on this one since we make some great wedding thank you cards, but stay with us. How you present your photos can be as unique as a challenge coin or bottle opener. Having a simple photo of the couple holding signs that say “Thank You” can be as powerful as the most ornate thank you card layout. You can also plan ahead with our design team because we make everything from scratch. So, let your photographer know you plan to have your cards printed with the groom pointing to a graphic or message that will be on the printed card, and you can make a design that stands out from the rest. You can get started by browsing our design gallery of unique wedding photo thank you cards for inspiration to create your own custom notes.

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