Ideas for keeping a sick toddler hydrated

Ideas for keeping a sick toddler hydrated:


Chewing on wet washcloths
Gatorade, Koolaid, Sprite, flat Coke, and ginger ale (not what I’d normally let him drink, but anything is better than nothing when he’s getting dehydrated)
Pedialyte/pedialyte popsicles
Jello (Lil’ Duck hates the stuff, won’t even touch it, thinks it is going to jump off the table and attack him, ha ha, but it’s worth a try for your little one).
1 tsp. of Sprite every five minutes
Diluted chicken broth

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  1. Melanie #

    The way to get the bubbly pop taste without sugar and additives is to drink Kombucha. This is a fantastic drink to bolster the immune system and provide probiotics.

  2. the Wandering Author #

    I hate to be the one to break this to you, but sugar is not a good idea when battling dehydration. I seem to dehydrate easily; I wind up with a dehydration headache at least once a week. (Another tip I learned: if you have a headache, drink. Many times, that will clear up the headache.)

    I was talking about all this with my son, who was a Marine for eight years, and he told me that they were instructed to avoid any sugar when dehydration might be a problem. It seems sugar actually draws moisture from your body; although soda may replace some liquid, it is taking more out of you at the same time. I’ve tested this for myself, and found, to my dismay, that it works. There goes my favourite dehydration cure – no more root beer!

  3. thanks for sharing. u give very helpful advice!

  4. These also work for sick mommies bearing children while throwing up!

  5. Undercover Angel #

    Freezies seem to work well for my kids. Thanks for the list – I will remember some of these incase some day the freezies don’t work.

  6. Great list!!
    My daughter won’t do the jello thing either for some reason.

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