Ice Cream Piglets – Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas

Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas – Ice Cream Piglets!Ice Cream Piglets - Farm Birthday Party Food Ideas

These little piggies are made of ice cream and they’re bound to delight your guests at your adorable birthday party!


– cherry, strawberry, pink bubblegum or any other pink colored ice cream (sherbet or frozen yogurt could also be used if you prefer)

– chocolate or carob chips

– pink jelly beans or other small colored pink candies

– black decorator gel

You’ll also need an ice cream ball scoop, cupcake wrappers, a cookie sheet, melon ball scoop and pink pipe cleaners.

Scoop a large ice cream ball onto a cupcake wrapper for each guest, and place on cookie sheet. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes. Use the melon ball scoop to add a second ice cream ball for the nose, adding 2 more chocolate chips to form nostrils. Next, push in jelly beans for ears and create eyebrows with decorator gel. Finally, twist pipe cleaners into spiral pig tails and insert 1 into the side of each piglet. Store in freezer until serving time.

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