Ice Cream Party Games

Before your guests enjoy the sundaes or ice cream bar, it’s time for summer fun! You can add ice cream or summer graphics to any of our summer birthday invitations to perfectly suit your event  – then when planning the party, your kids will love these delicious ice cream party games: Ice Cream Party Games - Summer Fun Birthday Planning

Cone Race

Things you need:

1.  an ice cream cone for each guest, with extras
2.  large plastic balls
3.  a stopwatch

Before your guests arrive, determine a distance for your guests to run.  Mark the start and finish line.  Each player must run with a ball balanced on an ice cream cone.  Have them run in turns and time each player with the stopwatch.  If they run without a plastic ball, that’s cheating!  The player with the shortest time wins.

Musical Scoops

Things you need:

1.  circles of craft foam in pastel ice cream colors (green, pink, yellow, etc.)  Construction/card paper will work too, but they get ripped more easily.
2.  children’s music
3.  a music-playing system

This is a yummy twist on the classic musical chairs game.  Place the paper circles in a circular shape on the floor.  Make sure that there is one fewer circle than you have guests.  When the music starts, each child hops around the circle of paper pieces.  When the music stops, each child tries to step on a piece of paper.  The player who doesn’t get to a circle in time is out.  Take out another circle, begin the music again and proceed with play.  The last child is the winner!

Battle of the Flavors

Things you need:

1.  children’s music
2.  a music-playing system

Before the guests arrive, determine the birthday child’s two favorite ice cream flavors (or just 2 if there are more than that!).

Divide the children into two equal teams.  Call the teams the 2 different flavors, such as strawberry and mint chocolate chip.

Play the music.  After a while, shut off the music and call one team name.  That team has to make the other team laugh or smile.  The players that laugh or smile are counted as 1 point each for the team.  Repeat as often as you want; just alternate the team you count on.  The team with the lowest score wins.Ice Cream Party Games - Summer Fun Birthday Planning

Sweet Charades

Things you need:

1.  a stopwatch
2.  a notepad & pencil for scorekeeping
3.  slips of paper with an ice cream flavor or other sweet treat listed on each one
Optional: if you have guests of mixed ages, set aside some easy ones for the younger children

Divide the children into two equal teams and tell the children how long each person gets to guess the word (usually 2-3 minutes).  If you wish, you can put the slips of paper into a container and have each child draw their choice.  Have the child show it to you.  The child then tries to get his team to say his word/phrase but he cannot say anything out loud.  The team with the most correct guesses wins.


  1. If a lot of people are talking at once, it can be difficult to hear the correct answer.  Say your guesses loudly and clearly.
  2. If someone calls out a correct part of the word, point at that person and nod your head.  Then wave your hands to tell them that there is more to guess.

Cherry on the Banana Split

Things you need:

1.  a large drawing of a banana split, cut from a large cardboard box or piece of paper, with a large X where the cherry should be
2.  a small red ball
3.  poster putty that will make the ball stick to the drawing
4.  a blindfold

Blindfold each child in turn and lead each one to the banana split drawing.  Spin each child 3 times near the picture, and then ask them to put the cherry on top of the banana split.  The child who is the closest to the X wins.

You can also get a ball for each child and write initials on it with a permanent marker.

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