How to transition from the crib to a bed…

How to transition from the crib to a bed…

  • Make it something special of course, but don’t add too much hype, otherwise they will probably feel the pressure. Be prepared to wait if they aren’t ready (i.e. don’t take the crib down too soon).
  • If you have space, put the bed, with sheets/comforter/bed rails, in the room well before you actually start using it. They can get used to it being there and play on it during the day to see that it is a fun thing, not scary.
  • Let them pick out fun sheets if they are able – some mommies have had great success with the new princess or Blue’s Clues sheets, for example – they may like them so much, they’ll want to sleep on them right away.
  • Take down the crib while they are around, explaining that they are big boys/girls and going to sleep in a big bed now. Once the new bed was set up, have them help make the bed and choose which stuffed animals could go in their bed. One mother had success with having them pick two animals so that they can keep each other company during the day – this can avoid a giant pile of animals on the bed.
  • Put a gate at the door, so they can see us, we see them and know that they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t. Some have had success with double gates, one atop the other.

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  1. Very good tips. One thing that helped us is that we had those cribs where you can take off one of the walls and convert it into a bed. And, then from there, we went with a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. You don’t get much grief with that route.

    I like the take it down while they are around tip. I had them help me one time when we moved them to another room to paint their bedroom. They actually carried most of the hardware from room to room and loved it.

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