How to Throw a Fan-tastic Football Party for the Big Game!

You’ve invited guests and planned your menu for the big game, but what’s next?How to Throw a Fan-tastic Football Party for the Big Game

Here are hot tips for celebrating the biggest football game of the year (you know the one I mean, and if you don’t, under what rock are you living?).  These are also handy if you are hosting a football-themed birthday party for the fans in your life. Without further ado… here’s how to throw a fan-tastic football party for the big game!

1.  Plan your party activities.

For game day, the TV is going to hold centre stage, but will all of your guests want to stay glued to the TV?  Consider having nearby areas (but not too close!) for quiet activities so that football non-fans can enjoy the party but still share in the excitement.  A conversation area with a few chairs or a table with something like puzzles, games, or craft supplies allows guests to enjoy the party in a quiet way.  If your guests would prefer a louder activity, set aside a different room where the noise will not overpower the broadcast game.

If How to Throw a Fan-tastic Football Party for the Big Gameany adult guests are bringing small children, ask a trusted adult to look after the children during the party so that mom and dad can relax and socialize.  Set aside space for the children to play in a different room (make sure it is child-proofed accordingly!) and plan age-appropriate activities for them.

2.  One Week Before The Party: Make a list of what you need to do.

Identify the areas where your guests will be and make a list of anything large that needs to be moved.

Make sure that you have enough supplies for food, activities, and any decorations that you want. Buy or borrow anything that you do not have. Baby-proof as needed (borrowing any baby gates and outlet covers/appliance latches/furniture straps that you might not already have) if your guests are bringing young children.

3.  A Few Days Before The Party: Clean and declutter.

Clean the areas where your guests will be.  The kitchen and the bathrooms are the areas that people care about most, but you will also want to make sure that the entryway makes a good first impression.How to Throw a Fan-tastic Football Party for the Big Game

Consider how well the number of guests will fit into the party space and move out any furniture that would get in the way.  You will also want to make sure that you clear any clutter, as that will make your space appear messy.  De-cluttering also leaves surfaces available for drinks and plates.

Don’t be shy about asking for help from friends, family, or professionals when cleaning before your party.

4.  The Day Before The Party:

Do all the preparations you can so that you can enjoy your party tomorrow.  That includes:

  1. If you are cooking party food, prepare as much as possible today.
  2. Put together a little emergency basket for your party, which includes supplies like: paper towels, wet wipes, carpet stain remover, a cloth stain remover pen.
  3. Put up decorations.  Depending on the fanatic tendencies of the football fans in your house, you can have fun putting up the colors of both teams.  But if certain fans just cannot stand a certain team’s colors in their own home, it’s not worth it.  Streamers, balloons, footballs, team jerseys — whatever brings you joy.  If you have kids, you can have fun as a family making decorations and fan signs. Be sure to have all decorations that are not child-safe up where little hands cannot reach!

5.  A Few Hours Before Your Party:How to Throw a Fan-tastic Football Party for the Big Game

Finish these tasks at least a few hours before the party so that you can rest and enjoy your own event when the guests arrive.

  1. Make sure the party space smells good and apply air freshener as needed.  Or put some saucy sausages in the crockpot… mmm
  2. Finish getting food ready, if you are cooking.
  3. Check the party areas for cleanliness and clutter.  Spot-clean if necessary.
  4. Repair any fallen decorations.
  5. Set out any activity supplies.

6.  Party Time

  1. Smile
  2. Cheer for your team
  3. Have Fun

You’re going to have a fabulous party!

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