How to Teach Children to Say Thank You

We want to teach our children how to say thank you for the gifts they receive for the holidays, birthdays or just a special occasion. How can they say thank you, enjoy it and without it being a fight or hassle for you?

Let us share some ideas we have used and please, share your suggestions as well – you are a most creative group!

Ways for Children to Say Thank You…

1. Draw a picture of the toy. Have the child draw a picture of the toy and let their imagination run with the idea. If they are too young, label the picture and any comments the child made while creating this unique thank you. Be sure this is immediately given in person or mailed – a thank you not given isn’t much good…

2. Have several people to thank for this one picture? Take a photo of the drawing (get as close as possible, fill the whole picture frame with the drawing and do not tilt the drawing – this will give you the best photo quality. If it is digital, you could email it, otherwise, print right away and send promptly.

3. Schedule a play date with the giver so the child and the giver can enjoy the gift together.

4. Photograph your child playing with the gift and send to the giver. Have several gifts to thank a giver for? Make sure several of the gifts are in the same photo, even if only in the background – maybe it seems staged, but it works for a busy mom!

5. A family tradition in my husband’s family when he was young, was to gather all his gifts after opening for Christmas or a birthday, and take a photo. Of course as a child, he complained, but now it is one of our favorite type of photos in his scrapbook – brings back many memories.

6. When you have a list of people to thank, the most efficient method might be to order one of our multi-photo thank you cards and you can share the joy with the photos taken at the gift opening.

7. If your child is chatty, have them call the giver. We always liked to have the children call when they had drawn or written the thank you since their enthusiasm was bubbling over and, hopefully, this is communicated.

Please remember to show your children there are various ways to express appreciation and most importantly, that appreciation needs to be expressed, otherwise what good is it?

Please share ways you have your children say “thank you” – I know you have creative ideas to share!


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