How to give the illusion of a clean house in 20 minutes

Since the little duck came along, my house has never again been clean. I have to strike a balance between pure chaos and just a general baby house, however, and since I hate cleaning, 20 minutes is all I will devote at one time to basic chores.

  • Vacuum (It’s really about the prep work).
    • By the time you pick everything up off the floor to start vacuuming, things look better already. Getting all the stuff up off the floor is just a perk.
  • Flip the dishwasher (10 minutes well spent).
    • Getting those dirty dishes out of your kitchen – need I say more?
  • Take out the trash (more room to toss MORE stuff, and the house will smell better too).
  • Clear off the main surfaces (desks/countertops/etc) – it doesn’t matter where the stuff goes for the moment, the lack of clutter will inspire you to take care of it later.

That’s all. If it took you more than 20 minutes, you worked too hard. Only vacuum the areas that need it, usually just the main living area. Feel better??

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