How to get stubborn stains out of clothes

How to get stubborn stains out of clothes? Here are some various tips from mothers…

  • Tide with Febreze
  • Bleach on whites, Clorox bleach pen on white parts of clothes.
  • Using cold water, pre-treating with the Dreft or Clorox Oxy-something spray, and washing in Dreft. I put it on the stain treat cycle of the washer.
  • I keep a bucket full of water with a scoop of BIZ in it.
  • Baby OxyClean
  • Pretreating with a toothbrush and Tide, then soaking them for a few hours before washing.


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  1. Wolf #

    I have a stain on the front of my favorite shirt (100% polyester). I don’t know what the stain is from. I’ve used stain remover, poured liquid detergent on it and let it settle and washed it twice. The stain is smaller but still there. It’s located above the heart. HELP. Please email suggestions. TIA

  2. vikib #

    I used the bleach pen on a very expensive pair of courderoys & now there is a bleach like stain. Any comments on how to get that out or get the pants closer back to the original color in that area (side of pants) the original color is a light tan so it is not bad but noticeable.
    Thank you,

  3. Rebecca #

    * I have used hairspray and let that soak…also rub baking soda on the stain that may also help…

  4. michele #

    how do I get already dried on ink stains out of clothes?

  5. jen #

    Do you have Sard Soap in America I use that

  6. Oh dear,

    I’ve been following the “put a sweater over it”, rule. That and soak it in Oxyclean for a week has worked for me!

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