How to entertain kids on airplanes

How to entertain kids on airplanes:

  • Coloring book & doodle pad with crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  • Blank envelopes for putting things into and taking them back out.
  • New books.
  • Tons of (relatively finger food-ish) snacks (Handi-Snacks breadsticks and cheese are a big favorite).
  • A cup of crushed ice.
  • Hot Wheels cars
  • New dollar store toys in a fun little backpack or bag – something new and inexpensive if they are lost on the plane.
  • A portable DVD player & various DVD’s (Lil’ Duck loves Clifford, Veggie Tales, and Monsters Inc.)
  • Stickers or a box of colorful band-aids
  • Small container of play-doh
  • Silly putty
  • Lollipops
  • New plastic farm animals
  • New shape sorters & wooden puzzles (for kids who can do them without being either frustrated or bored).
  • iPod or other music player with baby-friendly headphones & their favorite music (many little ones like the Wiggles).

Hindu Mommy has some general tips about traveling with children up to 6 years old as well – if you have more tips to share, put them in comments and I’ll add you here!

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  1. Great tips! As someone who’d kids are going to be flying for the first time in a few months, I was very interested!

    My kids, 7 and 4, both like to play I-Spy too. My oldest likes to play the word game called either Cat or Hangman.

    I think I’ll be investing in a few new inexpensive toys for the plane trip. Great ideas, thanks! :)

  2. Kailani #

    Girlie Girl loves playing with those colorform type sets. You know, the one that has felt pieces that stick to a felt background. Or even those vinyl sets. Also, activity books are great at keeping them busy!

    BTW, what is the crushed ice for?

  3. I would add playing “I Spy”. It works anywhere!

    Also, this isn’t a tip for entertaining kids on airplanes, but on land you can connect the itinerary dots with playgrounds. It makes the kids search like detectives when you drive through a town. If they find one, stop!

    I wrote an article about this for Transitions Abroad. We took our 5- and 7-year-olds cross-country in Europe a couple of years ago. It was very cool, but about 1,000 miles. The park stops maintained all our sanity.

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