Household Management – Getting Daily Priorities Done

Daily, we are faced with constant decisions as to the priority a task before us will have in our life. I am not going to venture into the deep reasons or multiple methods of determining those priorities for our lives.

What I am going to do is share a tip that has helped me recently. First a confession: I love planning and organizing (the Duck family will confirm that:). When this idea came to me, it was a “why didn’t I think of that before” moment and it really is testament to sometimes simple things are the best.

Try highlighting just a couple of the “absolutely must get done today” on your written to-do list. I use a yellow highlighter to mark the all the words of that task. For the “would be nice to get done today” items, just make a dash at the beginning of the word. This works if you use a simple to-do list or a planner (or mark your software planner with colored categories).

Hope this helps you to concentrate on the most important of your daily tasks – it has for me.

3 Responses to Household Management – Getting Daily Priorities Done

  1. Vamp January 27, 2008 at 4:04 pm #

    Hi Lisa, I miss you!
    I don’t use a highlighter but my to do list always has things I HAVE to do on it as well as things I could/should do. This keeps me from feeling bad if some of the ‘maybe things’ don’t get done cause most my of my list HAS been done :-)

  2. Kimmie January 26, 2008 at 9:31 am #

    Found you through family blogroll…

    I wish I was the ‘planner’ type, somehow God made me to be a fly by the seat of your pants.


    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    * we have adoption news!

  3. Sue Massey January 25, 2008 at 8:14 am #

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

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