Deep Fuchsia Pink & Black 50th Birthday Invitation

Themed in deep fuchsia pink, black, & green, this 50th birthday invitation features up to 6 photos of the 50th birthday gal. Change all the wording for any birthday year or event, and the colors can be matched to your party colors. The polka dot accents can be changed as well, and we can also add graphics that suit your party theme here: Six Photo Woman’s Birthday Invitation.

50th Birthday Invitation - Deep Fuchsia Pink, Black & Green Photos


  1. Lil Duck Duck - March 15, 2016

    50 Years of Smiles Birthday Photo Invitation

    So many blessings have come from her life – and this 50 years of smiles birthday photo invitation celebrates each one! A rich brown backdrop highlights light golden text & accents for a wonderfully classic pairing. For this fifty year old woman, her th…

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