Homestyle Wrangler Wraps – Outdoor Party Treats!

Cowgirl Birthday Party Food – Wrangler Wraps

If you’re heading to a ranch or other outdoor farm for your cowgirl’s birthday party this year, wrap up these quick and easy treats. These homestyle wrangler wraps are perfect for cowgirls on the run!Homestyle Wrangler Wraps - Outdoor Party Treats Cowgirl Birthday


– natural peanut butter

– 8 wheat tortillas

– 2 cups granola cereal

– 1 cup raisins

– 2 chopped apples or bananas

Simply spread peanut butter on 1 side of tortillas, sprinkle on some of the last 3 ingredients, roll-up tightly and go! For added fun, buy extra granola, raisins and fruit, put them in separate bowls, and let kids make their own. Serves 8.

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