Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad

The geek father is a tough one to shop for. Here at Lil’ Duck Duck we have a couple of geek dads, and we asked them what they most wanted to receive for Christmas. Here are their¬†Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad!


Doctor Who Tardis Dad Holiday Gift Ideas

Doctor Who 17 oz. Figural Tardis Mug

Doctor Who has been around for a LONG time but in 2005 the series found new life and has once again become a cultural touchstone. Here you can have a nice ceramic mug modeled after the famous Doctor’s Tardis.


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set

Every Star Wars fan imagines themselves piloting their own X-Wing fighter and single handedly taking on the the evil Galactic Empire. Here is your chance to play both sides in a table top game that will give hours of fun for the table top gamer. The start pack comes with your own X-Wings and Tie Fighters which you move around a table, fire at each other and make calculated maneuvers to get the optimal firing position. With expansions being released at a steady pace from Fantasy Flight, the game has the potential to last you for a long time and is guaranteed to provide hours of Star Wars fun!


Phantom Keystroker V2

This gift is for the prankster. Just be warned, if you are not that good with computers this might be used on you. This little stick that plugs into any USB port on a computer will write random number sequences or phrases like “am I alive?” If you know someone who can take a good joke this is a great gift sure to cause hilarity all around.


Portal PotatOS Science Kit by Think Geek

Inspired by the excellent video game, Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC/Mac the GlaDOS potato kit will talk, joke and possibly give you a good natured insult or two when the circuit is complete. Complete with a backdrop that mimics the display you encounter in the game, this kit is a great way to teach kids about science and what can happen when a robot goes rogue and finds herself reduced to a potato.


Super Mario Chess

The gift for the dad who is a thinker and a video game fan with nostalgia. Capturing the age old game of kings with the great Koopa King, the Super Mario Chess set is sure to be a hit with both older and younger gamers alike. All pieces are clearly marked and very sturdy. Complete with a tin box to protect the board and pieces, this chess game brings together two great classic games for families everywhere.



Disney infinity is an action adventure game that is bases its content on the figurines you can purchase. The figures are placed in a base which attaches to the XBOX 360 via a USB cable and unlocks Play Sets and Toy Boxes. Play Sets are story based worlds which can be played with up to 2 players and take place in Disney worlds such as Toy Story, The Lone Ranger, Pirates and so on. Toy Box mode is essentially a wide open canvas in which the player can create their own games by placing items in the game world. Characters and elements from all available Disney worlds can be intermixed and the possibilities are limited only by the players imagination.

For more video game gift ideas, visit our partner site Hungry Gamers. They have holiday family video game gift ideas for the PlayStation 3 and video game gift ideas for XBOX 360, perfect for geek dads regardless of their console preference!

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