High-fat non-dairy foods for babies & toddlers

High-fat non-dairy foods for babies & toddlers:

  • Avocados – you can even mash them up with some olive oil or soy milk for more protein/fat.
  • Salmon
  • Olive oil & flax seed oil mixed with/drizzled on food (don’t cook the flax seed oil, add it to ready-to-eat foods).
  • Sunflower butter is an alternative to nut butters if your little one isn’t doing nuts yet – still high in fat & tastes similar to peanut butter. You can also chop up sunflower seeds and add them to their foods.
  • Winter squash
  • Kidney beans – other beans are good as well, also for iron and protein. My little guy eats a lot of beans, especially black bean soup and bean burritos.

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  1. My daughter can eat soy beans like there’s no tomorrow! LOL!

  2. Also, if you want the benefits of flax (hello, wonderful omego-3 fatty acids!) without the oil, you can buy flax seeds both ground and whole. If you buy them whole, you need to grind them before you use them, because they’re indigestible whole. But just sprinkle the flax powder on anything, like cereal or in a smoothie – it gives it a slightly nutty flavor. Whole flax seeds can keep in the fridge for up to a year without spoilage, so buy in bulk!

  3. Mmm now I’M hungry! :)

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