Here’s an unusual babyproofing idea…

From ParentHacks:Tennis ball table

Instead of buying foam protectors for your table corners, cut slices in old tennis balls and wedge them on. This works great on our kitchen table which is exactly at eye level for our new walker. As an appealing bonus, it looks like pac man is eating our table.

….using duct tape (the home hacker’s faithful companion) to affix tennis balls to the edges of a kitchen island that’s just my son’s height, which saved my son a few good knocks on the head while he was there!

It’s a unique idea, but really, what baby isn’t going to go right for them, undo the tape, and stick their finger inside it, get it stuck, etc?? Lil’ Duck learned how to undo duct tape when he started crawling, somewhere around 7 months….. so I figure the life of this idea is VERY small unless your little one despises tennis balls….. the pac-man reference did make me laugh though, so that is something.

6 thoughts on “Here’s an unusual babyproofing idea…

  1. I don’t think that would work either. My little man would rip those off right away. Its a nice (cheap) thought though

  2. The tennis balls also come in handy later on in their lives – put over door knobs – they work so that the kiddios can’t get into rooms they aren’t supposed to go into.

  3. LOL too funny….and you’re right. Definately wouldn’t last around my house. But pacman made me giggle. ;)

  4. My kids would take them off and chase each other around acting like pac man trying to eat them….lmao….it wouldn’t even last 5 minutes in my house….poor Diego would hit his head on the table right away…..

  5. What a cute site! Thanks for coming by my blog and I totally agree with you on the kids getting those off for fun. Besides, they are a little obtrusive, aren’t they?

  6. exactly- every kid (and dog) is going to pull those right off. but they do look like pac-man…

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