Halloween Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

We love to make Halloween birthday invitations for all of your spooky parties and appreciate both the not-so-scary and the mysteriously haunted wording that is used on our personalized pumpkin cards! These Halloween birthday invitation wording ideas are a collection of our favorite scary party verses for your special October occasions.Halloween Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas - Parties

  • It crept right up on us and went BOO, now our creepy crawler is turning ONE! Join us on ___ if you dare for a birthday SCARE! Float or crawl on over to our Halloween costume party fright! The undertaking will begin promptly at ___ at the __ Haunted House.
  • Double the pumpkins, Double the fun, Our little monsters are turning THREE & ONE! Please join us for a costume birthday party!
  • No Tricks… Just One Very Cute Treat! ___ is turning __! Celebrate with us at our not-so haunted house…
  • It’s __’s birthday and we’re SCARING up fun for a Halloween party! We love using this wording on these monster spooky eyes birthday invitations
  • Stalk, squeal and wriggle with glee, our little boy / girl is turning three! Join us for pumpkins, laughter and fun…
  • We can’t believe how far s/he’s come, our little monster is turning 1! ___’s 1st Birthday Bash! Creep and crawl over on ___ if you dare, for __’s Costume Birthday Scare! The undertaking begins at __ at our not-so-haunted home.
  • Tricks and treats and boos to you, it’s __’s birthday and we’re inviting you!
  • He’s got lots of new tricks and he’s such a treat! Let’s celebrate with not-so-scary fun, our little Mummy, ___ is turning one! Perfect on these mummy birthday invitations, of course.
  • Boo! ___ is turning __!
  • Tricks or treats and boos to you, it’s a Halloween costume party and we’re inviting you! Please join us for __’s Birthday!
  • Little crawlers and things that go BOO, ___ is having a Halloween birthday party and we’re inviting you! It’s no trick, it’s such a treat. Join us to celebrate as our little pumpkin turns __!
  • Tricks or treats and boos to you, it’s a pumpkin costume party and we’re inviting you to celebrate __’s __ birthday!Halloween Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas - Parties
  • Little crawlers and things that go boo, ___’s turning __, so we’re having a spooky party and inviting you! It’s no trick, she’s such a treat, join us for a celebration with cake, oh so sweet! Celebrate all things cute and crawly with these sweet spider Halloween birthday invitations!
  • It crept right up on us and went BOO, now __ is turning __ and __ is turning __! Come over in costume to share the fun on…
  • It’s __ & ___’s Spooky __ Birthday Monster Mash! Join us for Halloween fun:
  • A Spooky Magical Night for her Sweet Sixteen…
  • Bats & monsters go bump in the night, don’t let __’s birthday give her a fright! Join us for __’s __ birthday party…
  • __ & __ want to play, now join us for their pumpkin 1st birthday! The fun colors and optional photos on these Halloween twins birthday invitations work well with a shorter verse like this one.
  • Trick or Treat, black cats and boo, our sweet ___ is turning two!
  • He is turning 40, we all know it’s true, now join us as we surprise him with a big scary Boo! More funny and themed ideas are shown on our spider adult Halloween birthday invitations.
  • It’s a Boo-utiful costume party for __ & __’s birthday! Join us for double Halloween fun with tricks, treats, and plenty of sweets! Wear your costume to share in the fun…
  • Creeping up with a little BOO, there’s a spooky party in store for you!
  • A year of fun and fright is done, now it’s time to join the fun! Join us for __’s Halloween costume bash! Showcase your little one’s adorable Halloween costume photos on these pumpkin costume party invitations
  • It’s going to be a spook-tacular event… ___ is turning __!
  • The perfect time for fun, not frights, because our little __ is turning __ tonight! Join us for not-so-scary fun on…
  • It’s ___’s birthday and we’re scaring up her friends for a MONSTER party! – For the RSVP – “Let us know if you’re SCARED” – we especially suggest using this wording on this monster spooky eyes birthday invitation!
  • Goo-goo-boo, our Halloween baby wants to party with you! Please stalk over for ___’s 1st birthday costume event!
  • Time to let out a scary boo, our little girl / boy is turning two! Join us for fun, not frights… (perfectly suited for this cute photo Halloween invitation design)
  • Tricks & treats & fun galore, our little girls / boys / twins are turning four! Join us for a double Halloween party…
  • Food & frights & scary boos, our girls are having a birthday and inviting you!

Use any of these Halloween birthday invitation wording ideas or be inspired from these to create your own to use on any of our Halloween birthday invitations!


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