Green Varsity High School Graduation Party Invitations

Black, gold & green varsity high school graduation party invitations share your achievement in your school colors! Festive balloons and draped banners add to the celebration theme, while a subtle black on charcoal confetti pattern borders your design. For this guy’s unique event, it is also a celebration of his 18th birthday, hence the “18” on the cake. Switch that out to say 2017, to be a graphic or nothing at all as suits your own style.

Now, the custom black, gray, green, gold & white colors can all be changed. Match your school colors (high school or college), or just pick your favorites! You can include a small photo of the graduate at the bottom right with the cap and diploma as well. Change all the graphics to suit your taste – for instance, adding a football to suit a sports fan, or removing the graduation graphics to celebrate a birthday (of any age).

See more ideas when you visit the product page here: Celebration Cake Graduation Card. Just pick this version as your starting design if desired.

Green Varsity High School Graduation Party Invitations - School Colors, Balloons

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