Green First Holy Communion Photo Thank You

This green First Holy Communion photo thank you card focuses on an image of your son, handsome in his First Holy Communion suit on his special day. A soft green border gives a spring look to this thank you design, although we can change the border color to whatever fits your taste (soft blue is also popular).  When this card is printed on flat cardstock, we can custom-design the back with another brief thank you message and a space below it where he can sign his name. See more ideas & personalize this design here: Blessed Communion Photo Thank You Card.

Green First Holy Communion Photo Thank You Card - Son Image Handsome


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Forest Green Holy Communion Thank You Card

    Your personal thank you for attendees of your child’s first Holy Communion is a perfect way to express his gratitude. A deep brown & forest green Holy Communion thank you card begins with a muted damask pattern, tied off with a printed, exclusive green…

  2. Lil Duck Duck

    Golden First Communion Photo Thank You Cards

    A simple card for a powerful photo, this variation on our First Communion photo thank you cards makes your child the focal point. For these golden First Communion photo thank you cards, a simple flowing script shares your message of thanks on the front…

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