Golden Snowflake Adult Birthday Invitation

“Please join us for a 60th birthday celebration…” Featuring two photos of the birthday honoree, this golden snowflake adult birthday invitation uses your text customized to your party needs.  For classic elegance, we tinted both photos in black & white, although we can leave your own photos in original color, if you wish.  The black & gold colors are also customizable for you here: Square Snowflake Adult Birthday Invitation.

Golden Snowflake Adult Birthday Invitation - Two Photos Honoree 60th

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  1. MamaDuck April 26, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Hello! The pricing varies according to the paper type (“card style”),
    size, and other options that you choose. The base price appears under the
    design images on each individual product page, and you can view the
    additional price & available sizes in the dropdown menu of the “card
    style” section.

    If you would like to review different price options for that particular
    design, you can simply choose any combination in the form on one product
    page, putting something in each of the sections, choosing 3 as your
    quantity, and click ³Add to request² to upload it to the cart. Then,
    when you are done viewing the price quote there, you can simply delete the
    item from the cart. When you are ready to order the cards, simply fill
    out the form with the wording that you want. White envelopes are
    complimentary with your card order.

    After we receive your request, we can manually change the quantity to 70
    (instead of 75) and adjust the price accordingly prior to invoicing. Thanks!

  2. kursty head April 26, 2012 at 9:12 am #


    i am interested in ordering 70 of your golden snowflake adult invitations could you please send me a quote for them



  1. Lil Duck Duck - November 9, 2014

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    Traditional red & green with a holiday tree make a wonderfully classic Christmas 60th birthday invitation design for your honoree! An elegant script font accents their name in pine green, with the rest of your custom text in easily readable, coordinati…

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