Golden Anniversary Two Photo Invitation

This golden party invitation celebrates their enduring love in fashionable style! Gold-colored swirls accent your customizable wording on this golden anniversary two photo invitation, and you can showcase photos of the couple’s life together. We can also convert recent photos to black & white or sepia to match older photos when you personalize this card. Since they had two sharply vertical images, we could create a unique layout where two images were placed in the square-ish photo area. If your photo(s) are shaped in a different way, we can change the design of the card to suit your needs. The “Celebrating 50 years” motif can be removed (or placed on the back, if you choose one of our cardstock printing options) to allow more space for photos if needed as well.

See more ideas & customize this design for your own celebration here: Fashionable 50th Anniversary Photo Invitation.

Golden Anniversary Two Photo Invitation - Party Fashionable Love


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