Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas

Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas

Make it personal:

When you are styling the decor, including personal touches for a special look makes all the difference! Consider the time in which your parents were married. What were the popular trends in entertainment and fashion? For a casual event, your guests could enjoy dressing up in 60s attire (consider the personality of the friends and family first). Entertainment of the age, or maybe just plain fun, can be found in a Beatles cover band or a great casino table.
Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas - Personal Touches Look
Did they have a theme at their rehearsal dinner, wedding reception or another event related to their nuptials? What do they love? A lifelong desire to vacation in the tropics (or a fulfilled dream that they loved, especially for their honeymoon!), can mean the incorporation of tropical flowers, sand, seashells, coconuts and other island themed decor.

Continue that thought by decorating each table with items reflecting the lives of the happy couple. So, if they have scrapbooks full of memories, see about copying significant pages (from their wedding or milestones in their lives) to frame/laminate and share with their loved ones. Special collections of seashells, stamps or other unique items can also inspire fun decor. Use a few statement pieces in a classic floral and / or candle centerpiece to add classy, unforgettable memories.

The individual table decorations can stand for a treasured moment or time in the couple’s lives. Remember that time when they took a road trip to New Mexico and got stuck halfway up the mountain? The amusing and priceless memories collected along the way can be written out and relived by your guests! A photo when they finally reached the summit, surrounded by rocks, little clear globes of red sand with candles flickering inside, and other local touches can make your decorations unforgettable! Be sure to write out a brief summary of the story involved so that everyone can share. Then, check that the accents and the story are clear enough to understand (feeling “in” on the fun will put guests at ease from the moment they are seated!)

Go for a classic look:

Weave golden touches into the party decorations and table settings using these ideas:

Start with a neutral, exquisite base to set the stage – ivory, cream or white shaded table linens. Next, include any of these brilliant accents to make the room sparkle.

  • Serve drinks in crystal that has gold accents.
  • Assemble photos from throughout the years of their marriage, then showcase them using golden frames as part of the centerpieces.
  • Beautify white napkins with golden ribbon or enhance golden napkins with soft ivory or white lace.
  • Place golden paper doilies under each plate.
  • Tie golden ropes with tassels around the backs of the individual seats.
  • Use white china with gold trim.
  • Light the table with candles in gold candlestick or votive holders.
  • Pen the place cards with gold colored ink (a calligraphy pen works wonders for this).

Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration IdeasTo build upon the above photo idea, start with a framed photograph (in gold, of course) of the couple on each table. They could all be the same, such as the couple’s wedding picture. Or, mix it up and have different pictures of the couple throughout their years together on different tables.

For an elegant affair, use white with gold accented plates (or all gold), gold napkins and wine glasses rimmed with gold. Alternatively, use gold linens for the table and add contrast with white, bone or ivory plates, with or without gold trim. Golden candle holders (with white or ivory tapers) pair with a light sprinkling of gold confetti across the tables. If you are including drinks on the tables, consider using champagne, sparkling cider, and a golden-hued wine such as chardonnay.

Cherish the memories:

Wrap a container to resemble a big gift box, with a slot-type opening at the top. Gold-trimmed white paper with gold or black ink pens can be incorporated into each place setting. Then, request that everyone use the provided items to jot down their favorite memories of the lovely couple. They can be funny, sweet, sentimental, from a long time ago or recent years! After the party is over, the happiness will continue when they go through the box and enjoy all their notes of love and appreciation.

Golden 50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas

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