Go spice up your life??!!

My little man apparently decided that things were just too boring around here last night, so he decided to spice things up a little.

Seasoned SaltThere is a large container of seasoned salt in my pantry that must have also been bored, as it allowed the little one to take it, unscrew the top, and empty its contents all over my bed. Not just on the comforter, as I was too lazy to make the bed that morning (that ought to teach me). All over the sheets, the pillowcases, inside the pillowcases on the pillows, etc etc.

This was also late enough in the evening that I really didn’t have time to wash and dry the sheets and put them back on the bed. Thankfully my trusty little dustbuster got the main grittiness out of the sheets, although they are getting a good washing within the hour.

A nice side effect of this impromptu seasoning is that we all smell lightly seasoned this morning…..

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3 Responses to Go spice up your life??!!

  1. David June 10, 2006 at 11:48 am #

    Links, links, sweet savor to my taste!


    “…we all smell lightly seasoned this morning…..”

    Hmmmm… Lil Duck the Chef?


  2. Karmyn R June 10, 2006 at 11:25 am #

    At least it wasn’t ketchup! Oh – and as far as drinking a Coke – remember, it is all about taking baby steps when you are trying to change! One Coke now and then is okay!!!


  1. Hungry?? My carpet must be… » The parenting adventures of Mama Duck and her toddler - June 13, 2006

    […] It isn’t that I don’t vacuum, as I do this daily or even more often, and I do like my house to be clean, truly. After prying my entire collection of forks out of my VCR again (I would be very surprised if the thing actually works after that, and I also wonder if you could get shocked like sticking a fork in a toaster?) and contemplating the case of bottled water that is now rolling all over my floor, it hardly seems worth the effort. You know that he will just do it again, and he breaks into the pantry whenever he wants and takes out whatever he wants (don’t forget the seasoned salt, right?). […]

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