Getting rid of the pacifier at bedtime…

Lil’ Duck refused to take a paci from birth, I tried and tried but he just wanted to nurse all the time for comfort. Anyway, a lot of his friends are still trying to kick the paci habit, so here are some tips from their mommies that might help anyone else in a similar situation.

  • I would recommend cold turkey, out of sight, out of mind. Yes, it will be hard the first couple of days, but it gets so much easier. You can hold him and give him lots of kisses when you do it. If you really don’t want to, you can do the Paci fairy thing. The Paci Fairy comes to get all the binkys to give to the new babies (or to take the binky back to their Binky mommies and daddies) and leaves them a toy in exchange. You can have him put the binky on the window sill and say good bye to it. When they are sleeping, take it away and put all of them in the trash can outside. You can have a hunt (like an Easter egg hunt to find all the binky’s) before you do that. You can also have a little calendar and mark off days until the binky fairy comes to visit.
  • The second attempt at cold turkey went SO much better than the first. He was probably about 19-20 months old by then. He fussed a little, but did not cry unconsolably. The first several days he would ask for it repeatedly, but we just kept telling him it went bye-bye and gave him extra love to help him through. After about a week he didn’t even talk about his binky anymore.
  • I cut the tip off yesterday before naptime, and then when it was time for his nap, of course he asked for his binky. I gave it to him and showed him that it must have broke. He kept syaing “binky broke” but would try to suck on it anyway. Then he would take it out of his mouth, look at it, look at me, and repeat it again. He whined for an hour or so, after which i went up and rocked him some more, and he finally wanted to lay back down, cried for 10 min. more then went to sleep with his binky in his hand.
  • Cut all the binky’s and tell him to throw them in the trash. You can make a big deal out of throwing away all the broken binky’s by just clapping and telling everyone around. When he throws them away, take the trash out. Then you can say, “Yay, you are such a big boy that you don’t need binky anymore! They are all going bye bye – can you say bye bye binky’s?” I think that will help if you are going to do cold turkey.

Have any tips to add?? Put them in comments ;).

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  1. Tiffany #

    What is a binky fairy? What does it do? I have no clue what it is.

  2. With my oldest cutting the nipple part off worked like a charm. Tessa was another story though, she KNEW they came from the store. She wailed for days on end “go to Target, buy me new binkies mommie!!!” Until recently Target was still touch and go. If we came with in 1000 ft of teh binky isle she’d start wailing “I need new binkies!!!!”

    Gah, you just have to really steelie yourself and never give in.

  3. Kailani #

    We went cold turkey with Girlie Girl. It was hard for the first week but then she kind of forgot all about it. For some reason, Baby Bug has never shown any interest in them. Thank goodness!

  4. Karla #

    We did cold turkey, the same night her doctor (at her 2 year checkup said to get rid of it). It went relatively well. She hasn’t had a passy since. We told her (since she seems to have such a tender and giving heart) that she gave her passies up so the teeny tiny babies could have them. It’s been just about 2 months and she still asks for passy when she gets really tired, but we remind her about the teeny tiny babies and how she’s a big girl now and she does ok. :)

  5. I’m in the process of trying to rid Jamie of his pacifier. Iain never wanted a pacifier once he figured out nothing came out of it, but Jamie adores his. We try to take it away, and he gets this panicked look and goes into hysterics at bed time. And I”m such a wimp, I can’t stand to watch him cry.

  6. She #

    On the binky fairy thing, instead of putting them on the window sill go to the dollar store and gets some balloons filled up with helium. You can even let your little ones pick out some fancy ones if you would like to “send off to the binky fairy”. Tie the binkies to the balloons. Go outside AWAY FROM TREES AND POWER LINES. Maybe do this at an open park or something. Tell the little one that the binky fairy called and said that there are some new babies that were just born that needs some binkies. And that we had to send our binkies to the fairy by way of balloons [fairies live in the clouds that is balloons are how fairies get mail, ha ha] because the fairy said that he/she is a big boy/girl now that he/she didn’t need them anymore and that other babies are in need. Let the little one let go of the balloons into the air. Waving goodbye! There are sure to be some tears but just reassure them that they are going to a better place to help out the new babies.

  7. I am so glad you got rid of that thing!! My kids had them…now I take that back…not all of them but it was so hard to get rid of them. One of my granddaughters had a hard time getting rid of hers…finally they did kind of like you did…it just broke and they made a big deal of throwing it away. I think after awhile they get to looking so nasty in a sweet babies mouth. I love to see a babies mouth and that sweet smile!! Great tips for mothers….thanks for sharing…

  8. Jessica #

    You know it was easy for our daughter…she never really cared anything for the paci, but for our son…he really liked his pacifier and bottle, but too my surprise it was easy to wean him from them!

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