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Fun with Easter Peeps – share your stories!

Fun with Easter Peeps - share your stories!Fun with Easter Peeps – share your stories!

The Marshmallow Peeps are back and invading the stores! Who would have ever thought this innocent, cute bit of fluff could get into so much trouble…

We are doing something fun for this holiday – Tell us your Peep stories. Time to confess what you do to these adorable little critters.

From the drying them out in desk drawers to making them explode in the microwaves – which we don’t recommend by the way :).

Use the comments below to make us all laugh!

One thought on “Fun with Easter Peeps – share your stories!

  1. Two days ago, Easter Sunday, was the last time I will ever allow my children to eat peeps. My two year old daughter was given a peep by a cousin. She began gagging and coughing, ad trouble breathing, and starting getting lethargic. After a call to 911, an ambulance ride to a local hospital, a life flight ride in a helicopter to another hospital, a number of tests run to reveal a partially collapsed lung due to airway obstruction, and an overnight stay in the hospital, I am now at home wondering why I ever allowed my children to eat those things . I cannot prove that the peep caused the obstruction, but it was the last thing she ate at the time of the choking incident. If you have a toddler, please do not let him eat these things, no matter how cute they are.

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