Fun ideas for making your own tutus!

Here are some easy & fun ideas for making your own tutus!

  • Use old nylon slips, lacy dresses, nightgowns or other washable clothing items by cutting diamond shaped pieces. Attach them to an elastic band & enjoy!
  • Colorful scarves or colorful old wide ties can also be lots of fun. Just cut the ties to the length you wish for the skirt, then attach them to an elastic band (you can use the tie-on bands but they tend to come untied and need parental help).
  • Cut nylon net (which is very cheap, by the way) to double the amount that you wish the tutu to stick out & three times the waist size. Sew down the center of the net, gather and sew onto elastic. Overlay with lace or any lightweight, gauzy material, cut in petals or left plain and gathered – you can even layer several colors for fun.
  • Glitter glue is neat for drawing some stars or just dotting around on the tutu. You can make your own with white glue and glitter….and color the glue with food coloring, too, if you want. Just don’t wash the tutu as the glue will disappear.

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