Fun food shapes!!

Reynolds baking shapesI find that consumers (toddlers???) are naturally drawn to fun food shapes that are more attractive! Now it’s easy to make eye-catching brownies, cookies, candies and cupcakes thanks to FunShapes Baking Cups, said Betty Morton, manager, Reynolds Kitchens. FunShapes Baking Cups are a fun way to make unique baked goods, and bake sale customers (hungry toddlers) will love the creative treats!

We just got an amazing kit from the lovely people at Reynolds – it has all sorts of fun shapes in it, a tablecloth (which works great on the floor for messy playtime by the way) and other goodies. Now, it’s really for bake sales, but hey, works great for toddlers too! I can’t wait to actually use it – he’s definitely going to at least taste something that looks that fun, which is a big deal for us! I’ll post photos of the finished product for sure.
I’m thinking that this recipe could be adapted for a healthy but tasty chicken and veggie snack that he would try – check out all the recipes for your own ideas!

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