Fish Fish Shark Undersea Party Activity

Tropical Boy Invitation Three Photo Palm TreesThis fish fish shark undersea party activity game is based on the traditional Duck, Duck, Goose game, but instead of a goose chasing a duck, a shark chases a fish! Start with all your little fishes seated in a circle. Designate a leader to walk around the circle, tapping guests on the head and calling each person a fish. After several guests have been tapped, the leader chooses one guest and yells out “Shark!” when tapping him or her on the head. The Shark chases the leader and tries to tag her as she races around the circle and back to the Shark’s spot. If the leader is caught, then she remains the leader another round. If the leader escapes the Shark, the Shark becomes the new leader. Repeat the game until every guest has a chance to be the leader.

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