First Communion Thank You Wording Ideas

TheseĀ First Communion thank you wording ideas are inspired by card verses on our First Holy Communion thank you cards! Some of our favorite First Communion verses are from recent First Communion thank you card orders and custom card designs. Many of these can easily be changed to suit Christening thank you cards and Baptism thank you notes if needed. Take inspiration from these to write your own unique Communion thank you notes, or use one of these as provided on your own thank you card to share your own gratitude with your loved ones.

  • Thank You! Your presence and thoughtful gift made my First Holy Communion very special. First Communion Thank You Wording Ideas - Card Verses
  • God Bless my family, God Bless my friends, May all our blessings never end. Thank you for sharing in the spirit of my First Communion Day with your love, presence, and thoughtful gift.
  • Thank you for sharing in my special day and for the love and prayers that you sent my way.
  • Thank you! Your presence on my special day and the blessings you sent my way will be treasured in my heart forever. Your thoughtful and generous gift was greatly appreciated.
  • My First Communion was special because you were there, it really shows how much you care. The wonderful gift & prayers you came to share will be appreciated everywhere.
  • Thank you for adding to the joyous spirit of my First Communion with the blessing of your love, thoughtful gift & prayers for me.
  • God bless our family, God bless our friends, may all our blessings never end. My Holy Communion day was made complete with loved ones who are so sweet. Thank you for your presence, your presents and your prayers during this formative time as I begin the next stage in my spiritual life.
  • Words cannot express how grateful I am to have such loving family and friends to support and encourage me as I continue my journey of faith and knowledge. Thank you so much.
  • ___’s First Communion was made so special with your presence, prayers and generous gift. The day was perfect because it was spent with the people who mean the most to us. First Communion Thank You Wording Ideas - Card Verses
  • As I received the bread and wine, I knew your prayers were joined with mine. Your love will always mean so much to me, because you played a special part as Jesus came into my heart. Thank you for your kind gift!
  • Thank you for sharing with us, ___’s Holy Communion and surrounding her with your love, prayers and generous gifts!
  • We thank you for witnessing our daughter / son _____’s First Communion. Your presence on her / his special day means so much to our family!
  • God blessed us with a beautiful son / daughter, sent from above. Thank you for joining us for his / her First Communion and surrounding him / her with your love, prayers and generous gifts!
  • Thank You So Much! Your love, prayers & generous gift made my Communion day so special.
  • Thank you for sharing my First Holy Communion day and sending your love and blessings my way. I hope you had a great time with me, because you made me as happy as can be!
  • “All God’s Grace in one lovely face…” The love & support you generously shared is such a blessing to our family. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for sharing in our twins’ First Communion Day. Whether in spirit or in person, your love, generosity and prayers are greatly appreciated. Elegant Swirls Girl Communion Thank You - Pink & Gray Photo
  • Thank you for joining us to celebrate the First Communion of our children. Your prayers, presence & thoughtful gift are greatly appreciated!
  • Thank you for making my First Communion day even more special with your kindness and generosity.
  • Thank You for your love, encouragement, prayers and generosity. You filled my Communion day with memorable moments and love.
  • Thank You for joining us to celebrate our son / daughter’s Holy day. Your prayers, love & thoughtful gift are so appreciated as s/he continues on her journey with Christ, growing in grace & maturity.
  • Thank You! Your presence, prayers & presents on my Communion day are so appreciated. You added to the joyous spirit of the occasion and made it unforgettable!
  • A thankful note I send to you, for your loving prayers, your support and presence, and your generous gift. Thank you so much!
  • My unending gratitude for your prayers, presence & generosity. Thank you for sharing my special First Communion Day!

Take inspiration from or use one of theseĀ First Holy Communion verse ideas for your own First Holy Communion Thank You cards!

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