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Festive Winter Birthday Retirement Party Invitation

Give her good wishes for new adventures!! Celebrate the life and accomplishments of a loved one with this festive winter birthday retirement party invitation, customized for your event. In this purple and silver variation of the design, plenty of streamers, confetti & glitter-like graphics add to the party theme. As with all of our custom invitation designs, the colors, graphics and text can all be changed to meet the needs of your party. We can even add a photo of the guest of honor if desired, and match the colors of your party decorations for the design.

You can see this card style and some of its variations when you place a free, no obligation proof request by visiting the product page here: Festive Retirement Party Invitations. Simply pick the purple winter version as your starting design in the form if desired.

Festive Winter Birthday Retirement Party Invitation - Purple Life

2 thoughts on “Festive Winter Birthday Retirement Party Invitation

  1. Hello! The cost for your cards will vary depending on the various combinations
    you choose, such as the exact paper choice, size, and other options. You
    can see the different prices and options at the product page above or here: Festive Retirement Party Invitations

    When you are ready to order the cards, please fill out the form with the
    wording you want and select the “purple winter
    snowflakes” idea as your starting design if desired.

    White, unlined envelopes are complimentary with your card order.

    If you have any other questions or need help in any way, please let us
    know. Thank you!

  2. Please sent me a quote for the invite above

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