Festive Sweet 15 Winter Birthday Party Invitation

Snowflakes and streamers adorn this festive sweet 15 winter birthday party invitation! Details customized for the 15th birthday are sent to your family and friends to make this frosty invitation a personal request. A custom verse of special celebration along with the details of the party are spelled out in a festive font and a diamond graphic studded “15”. Snowflake and ribbon streamer graphics are arrayed throughout the design to complete the festive picture. Also, everything about the card can be customized –¬† including the colors, graphics and font size and style (printed flat onto the design).

You can see this design and some of its variations when you place a free, no obligation proof request by continuing through to our Festive Sweet 15 Party Invitations product page.

Festive Sweet 15 Winter Birthday Party Invitation - Snowflakes

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