Favorite Fairytale Party Ideas for Enchanted Events

Bring your favorite story or fairytale show to life with a fabulous fairytale party! Fairytale parties aren’t just for kids any more, as shown by these favorite fairytale party ideas for your enchanted events. A few shows that would make a memorable party theme are: Maleficent, Wicked, Once Upon a Time, Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Hanna (a unique blend of spy thriller and fairytale).

Invitations  Favorite Fairytale Party Ideas - Enchanted Story Event Parties

Your invitations can be as casual or elegant as your party.  However, your invitations should include:

  1. The event and who/what you are celebrating
  2. The party theme
  3. The time
  4. The date
  5. The party location

You may also want to share additional information like RSVP, dress code, and event activities.  If you expect your guests to pay for anything at the party (such as cash bar or dinner at a restaurant), that information should be included in the invitation as well.

You can also use themed phrases on your invitation like:

  1. “RSVP to the castle” or “RSVP to the REAL Fairy Queen”
  2. “Please sled over for a royal Frozen party”
  3. “Once upon a time, [insert name] is having a birthday party!”

Fairy Food & Drinks

Almost every fairytale party needs apples! Serve them however you like but fresh apples are especially fairy-ish, whether you smother them in spiced caramel or you slice them for an apple-tasting bar.  That being said, apple drinks (Redd’s Apple Ale or hard cider for adults) are tasty too.

For drinks or a punch bowl, use ice cubes in themed shapes like snowflakes, stars and wands, or ice flowers.

Maybe a fairytale tea party is in your future.  You can take a cue from Alice in Wonderland or put your own spin on the enchanted tea party.  Serve tea in beautiful cups and lots of little refreshments.  You’re aiming for something the size of an appetizer so serve little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, tarts, cupcakes or fancy petit-fours, mini quiches, small fresh fruits, and other bites of deliciousness.

Favorite Fairytale Party Ideas - Enchanted Story Event PartiesWhether your guests are evil fairies or princesses, chocolate is sure to please!  You can use it however you wish, but here are a few ideas:

  1. Top cupcakes or tarts with chocolate-shaped butterflies, snowflakes, or something else that fits your theme
  2. Serve chocolate-covered strawberries
  3. Build an ice cream sundae buffet with lots of topping choices, including berries, fudge sauce, chocolate pieces, and chocolate cookie crumbs.
  4. Make your party a chocolate fairytale event and celebrate this wonderful staple food with lots of chocolate foods, arranged in delicate glass and china dishes!  You could even ask your guests to bring a favorite chocolate dessert to share.

Decoration Tips:

1.  When your guests enter a party space, they should immediately feel like it is a different space than the ordinary room it usually is.  Doing something different for the entryway makes those decorations go a long way!  You can drape swags of colored tulle, cloth, or even plastic tablecloths around your entryway for instant color and a festive touch.  Hang twinkle lights behind the tulle/cloth, so that they shine through the material.

2.  Go rustic and make your party space look like a countryside fairyland.  Place oversized plant decorations like mushrooms, flowers, leaves, etc.  If you are handy with tools or know someone who is, get them to make these rustic cake stands–perfect for serving fairy goodies!

3.  Spray paint a bicycle tire rim and set it upright (against a wall is fine) for a spinning wheel.

4.  Dress it up!  Castle pieces dress up your fairytale party. Stone wall murals, fake windows, and borrowed pieces of castle elements (like dragons or griffins) set the scene.  You can also make pillars by wrapping a tall box in a piece of the stone wall mural.

5.  If you happen to be planning this party around Halloween time, snatch up some witchy decorations, ravens, glittery black cats — whatever works with your taste and the season.  Word to the wise: Unless you are throwing a dark or Halloween fairytale party, you may want to avoid insect decorations.  I’ve known more than one guest who freaked out over giant glistening black spiders — the party was not so fun after that, but I refuse to go into more detail about what actually happened.

Here’s another beautiful fairytale celebration invitation idea for you (which we can create in any colors & wording), and you can see even more card designs and inspiration for your own fairytale party by continuing through to our custom party invitation gallery!

Favorite Fairytale Party Ideas - Enchanted Story Event Parties


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