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If this is your first visit to our FAQ page, welcome! Answers to 99.9% of the frequently asked questions we receive here at Lil’ Duck Duck are below for your easy reference. If you have placed a card design request with us, you will have received a confirmation email detailing some of this information also.

The Number 1 Question: What is your turn around time?

*All e-mails and requests are being answered at this time as service is restored to our area of Central FL after Hurricane Irma. If you have questions about the time frame of a current shipment, please let us know as we have updated information now. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Proofs and changes usually take less than 24 hours on business days with prompt responses, original print-quality photos, applicable releases & complete information.

Printing time*: 2-3 business days
Domestic US shipping time*: Our normal shipping method is USPS Priority Mail, a 2 – 3 business day service with an expected delivery date. You can also choose USPS Express Mail, a 1 – 2 business day service with a guaranteed delivery date and signature confirmation.

*These are our best estimates – weather conditions (especially Hurricane Irma), etc. may cause unavoidable delays.

International clients, we’ll send you a shipping quote once you place the request or you can request a quote here.

International Shipping:

We ship internationally using UPS. Depending on your location there will be various methods available.

  • UPS Worldwide Standard – Ground transportation to Canada and Mexico based on destination, average delivery is 3 – 7 business days*.
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited – 2-3 business days* to Canada, 4 to 7 business days* for Europe, Asia, and Latin America
  • UPS Worldwide Express – Next business day* to Canada, 2nd business day* to Europe, 2 – 5 business days* to Asia

Applicable duties, fees, or taxes due will be due upon delivery.

When you place a free, no obligation proof request for a country outside of the US, the shipping cost will be included in your proof request OR a custom quote will be emailed to you shortly after based on the location and size of your order for you to approve prior to proofing. Be sure to check your confirmation email, as we may have updated our shipping options.

Based in Central Florida, we are a licensed LLC as well as a family business and use Paypal as our secure payment processor to keep your credit card/bank information safe. After design approval, a secure, itemized invoice is issued to you directly via Paypal as a secure credit card or other payment processor for your privacy and security.

Here are the different sections of the FAQ Page. Click on them to be taken to that section directly:

Photo Quality & Content Top ]

Can I print or electronically send the cards myself?

We create custom, professionally printed cards that you can enjoy for years to come as a lasting memory of your occasion. To ensure the best possible quality, we retain the copyrights to our designs and use only our own chosen professional printing houses for all of our printed card and other product designs. We will ship your cards directly to you after that printing is completed, no need to worry about finding your own printer or about the quality of the printing.

How do I send my photos to you?

We have 2 ways you can send your photos to us:

First is to upload them to our photo drop box. Please put your request number in the subject line so we can match you up quickly.

Secondly, you can attach them to an email and send them to our design department 2 or 3 at a time. Please put your request number in the subject line so we can match you up as soon as possible.

I got an email about my photos being too small. What does that mean?

We print at a high resolution, 300dpi to be exact, to make your cards as nice as possible. This means that photos must be of a good resolution and size to print clearly. Any camera that is 2 Megapixels or better, already takes the perfect size, simply send us the original file(s) and send those onto us via the methods above.

How can I tell if my photos are large enough for printing?

The easiest way to tell is to look at the size of the file. If your picture is less than 500kb then chances are it is too small to use. Facebook, Instagram, and other online site profile pictures will not be large enough to print – please use the original file before it was uploaded to that site. If you are not sure about your photo, just send it in and we can tell you if it is or not – you may always contact Customer Service with your file regardless of if you have placed a proof request yet or not.

I have photos from a studio or pro photographer. Can I use them?

Yes, provided you have the proper personal reprinting permissions.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have looked at your contract to ensure that you have these permissions. By sending us your photos, you represent that you have the reprinting rights for us to use them on your design. Copyrighted photos just need a signed reprinting release. You are legally responsible for any misrepresentation, as per your terms agreement when you placed the request.

Can I edit my own photos before sending them to you?

Since we edit in a very high resolution environment, we only recommend this for people who are comfortable with photo editing. You can not reduce the size or resolution of the photo before you send it to us.

I have photos from my photographer, but they are too small. How do I get the large ones to you?

Chances are you have a proof CD with low resolution images. Check with your photographer to get the high resolution images. Better yet, have them send us the pictures directly via one of the two methods above. Also, make sure you have personal reprinting permissions. We will not print a copyrighted photo without  reprinting permission from your photographer, so just send that along too.

I have a blemish on my face, or an unwanted person in the shot. Can you edit it out?

Photo touch up can be time-consuming and costly, so we opt not to do custom editing at this time – we can crop & zoom your photos if they are large enough and can usually remove red-eye. If you wish to have extensive photo retouching done, you may contact a professional editing company, who can complete your requests and return the print-quality photos to you with a signed reprinting release form.

I have very old photos. What is the best way to get them to you?

The best thing to do is to scan them in or have a local Kinkos/Office Max/Staples/Office Depot/other office supply store do so for you (here is a scanning tutorial and specifications if that is helpful). If you are unable to scan the photos or are uncomfortable with scanning them in, you can mail the photos to us. Just contact Customer Service for more information.

May I please see a printed sample of my card or receive a sample packet?

Your custom cards with your own photos and personalized text/design are printed in batches of no less than 25 at 300 dpi by our professional printing partners, so individual printed cards are not available as samples. However, we will send you a free sampling of some of our various papers on stock designs, then you can review the type of paper that you prefer and see the quality of the cards firsthand. You can always review the detailed descriptions and short videos of our cards “live in action” on our detailed design printing options page for easy reference as well.

Please request a free sample packet from Customer Service if you wish to see physical copies of our work. We are not able to have specific designs in stock for samples because of the custom nature of our work. Our lustre & metallic photo paper and smooth finish card stock paper types & finishes are available for samples (we are currently shipping samples only to US customers). Simply provide us with a full name and shipping address and we can send that to you (will take about a week).

Proofs [ Top ]

I placed my card design request, what happens now?

Your request is being reviewed by our staff to make sure that the details of your order are in order. If you have sent us great photos and any applicable releases and we have all the information we need, you will receive your “We’re creating your card design proof” email and from then you can expect your first proof generally within 24 hours on business days (may be up to 2 business days for extensive custom requests or during holiday seasons).

Do I get a physical proof?

Our printers can only print a minimum of 25 cards so single prints are not available. We will send you a digital proof via email to the email you provided on your proof request. Please request a free sample packet from Customer Service if you wish to see physical copies of our work. We are not able to have specific designs in stock for samples because of the custom nature of our work, but all paper types & finishes other than pearl finish cardstock are available for samples (we are currently shipping samples only to US customers).

How do I make a change to my proof?

Just reply to the email you received from your designer with your card design proof, list any changes you want and you will have a new proof within 24 hours on business days.

How many changes can I make?

You are able to make up to 6 changes to your proof. After that it is $15 per change with payment prior to receipt.

Printing [ Top ]

What is the minimum order amount/print run?

25 cards. After that you can add in increments of 5. This applies to most stocks and sizes apart from some cards smaller than 4×5″, stickers / labels, bookmarks, image cubes, metal prints or any other item that states otherwise on their individual product page.

Do you offer Return Address Printing on the envelopes?

Yes we do. You can select that option on the first page of your proof request, or you can simply email your designer and ask that it be added. It will be in black ink with a coordinating font, on the back flap of each envelope.

Shipping & TimingTop ]

Can I pre-order envelopes or get custom envelopes?

Free, white unlined 24lb. envelopes are included with your card order for easy mailing of all of our 4×5″ or larger card designs that need envelopes (see below). If you would like to use lined envelopes or custom colors/sizes/etc, we encourage you to purchase your own at any paper supply store of your choice. Then, you can enjoy the free white envelopes provided with your cards for your other mailing needs.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship via the United States Postal Service using Priority Mail (estimated 2 – 3 business days average) and Express Mail (Overnight to most areas, signature required upon delivery). We can ship via UPS and FedEx only if you have an account number and billing ZIP code for the account number. There is also a $7.99 handling fee which will be included for UPS or FedEx shipments.

Do you provide envelopes with my order?

Free, white unlined 24lb. envelopes are included with your card order for easy mailing of all of our mailable card designs that need envelopes. We do not include envelopes with stickers, cards smaller than 4×5″, image cubes, wall prints, recipe/bring a book/diaper raffle/any other insert cards that do not need envelopes for response, etc. as they are not needed. Because we make custom cards in so many different colors, other envelope options are not available for purchase from us at this time. However, you can certainly purchase your own (lined, custom colored, or other specialty) envelopes from any envelope provider of your choice. Then, simply enjoy using the free envelopes that come with your cards for any other mailing needs that you have (or you can ask us not to send them if you have no use for them, no problem). You can order designer return address labels that match your cards to affix to your envelopes as well.

How do I track my order?

Once your order ships, you are sent an automatic confirmation with a tracking/confirmation number. Use this number at USPS.com (or UPS.com if you are a Canadian customer) to see the status of your order. If you have questions about your shipment, please press reply to your shipping notice or use the contact links here for our Shipping Department.

Do you ship to PO Boxes within the US or Military Addresses?

We do. Delivery to PO Boxes in Canada should be discussed with our shipping department – we can use USPS First Class International Shipping or arrange for other custom shipping, however our usual methods are not available due to our use of UPS for those shipments. For our military customers, please remember that we have no control over the delivery time of your shipment once it is in the internal mail system of the military. Be sure to take that into account if you need your order by a specific date.

International [ Top ]

Do you offer cards in different languages?

Yes! Now, we just speak (and type!) English with a few duck quacks mixed in for good measure. If you wish to print your card using another language, just make sure that we receive the exact text in the appropriate language (translation services are not available at this time) including all accents and symbols as needed. You may need to send a screenshot or plaintext image to make sure all of the special characters appear properly – if anything is incorrect on the card design proof that you receive for review, simply press reply with any changes and we will be happy to make sure it appears just as needed for your event.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. To Canada we ship via USPS First Class International, UPS Ground, 2nd day and Next Day Air. To all other countries we ship via UPS (please contact our shipping department for any custom shipping requests). Once you place your proof request, you will be given a quote for your shipment along with the estimated delivery time based on your location. NOTE – Many countries have import tariffs/duty/broker/customs/other fees which are your responsibility and will be due upon delivery to your carrier as applicable. Please contact your local authorities regarding current fees and shipment regulations to your particular region/country.

What is the cost to ship to my country?

Each country’s shipping price varies, so we generate custom quotes for clients outside of the USA. When you place your free digital card proof request online, you will receive a specific quote based on your order details for approval before proofing.

Are there any tariffs or import taxes I should know about?

Most countries we ship to do have a tariff. Our tariff falls under the Greeting Cards or similar tariffs, if you wish to look up your countries import taxes. Orders that ship to anyone in the state of Florida (in the United States) incur a 6% state sales tax + county tax (by shipping zip code) if applicable – as required by law.

Contact & Misc. Info [ Top ]

How do I contact you?

Our Contact Us page has the quickest way to reach the department you want to contact.

Is there any penalty for canceling?

You are under no obligation to place an order with us by placing a free digital proof request. However, you cannot cancel after you have paid your invoice, which is received after approving a design proof for printing. Once paid, your order is locked in and can not be canceled or modified in any way, as noted on our Policies and Standards to which you agreed when placing the request.

Can you print any licensed cartoon characters?

We cannot print licensed characters, logos (including military, schools and sports teams), or other graphics without a signed, written reprinting release from the owner of the image. You can obtain them by contacting the legal department of the license holder directly. However, if you have a picture of the characters in a candid setting with your child or on decorations for a birthday thank you note, that will work just fine.

What will you not print?

We will not print anything with offensive language, political promotion or adult humor. Lewd or obscene gestures, objects, or clothing in photos will not be permitted. Anything normally covered by proper swimwear or a diaper for babies must NOT be visible (just crop it out before sending, thanks!). Professional “cute bottom” newborn photos are acceptable with a signed release from the studio/photographer.  Lil’ Duck Duck reserves the right to review and refuse an order on a case-by-case basis.

Still have questions? Ask our customer service ducks!

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    you are ready to order the invitations, just write your color changes in
    the “notes” section of the form. If you have very specific colors you
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    If you have any questions or need help in any way, please let us know.
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