Family Games, Thanksgiving Memories

As her family played more games together, she could see her family growing together, building Thanksgiving memories, and laughing more. Family games broke the ice when distant relatives arrived, they gave the restless ones something to do, and gave the shy ones a voice.

The little cousins learned about the rough journey of the Pilgrims playing Cross The Sea (Family Fun Magazine).  After reading a firsthand account of the journey in Of Plymouth Plantation, she changed the game a little by making two people be the callers (one for New York and one for Massachusetts).  New York started by giving directions to the blindfolded “Mayflower.” Then, when the “Mayflower” bumped into the first “rock,” the Massachusetts person took over and gave directions to come to Plymouth.

When the kids (young and not-so-young) needed some fresh air, they had lots of laughs and worked off energy with the Turkey Trot Game, Fox and Rabbit Game, and Free The Fowl Game (a twist on the classic Kick The Can).

You can visit here for more game & activity ideas from Family Fun Magazine.  For games that bring the family together all year round, check out our Great Toy List.


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