Elegant Grunge Save The Date Photo Card

This elegant grunge save the date photo card shares your happiness with a personal engagement image and your own customizations. An elegant, urban grunge styled background accents the crispness of your photo, which we can tint black & white or sepia for you. Change the brown & green colors to suit your own taste, photo or wedding colors. Elegant fonts, swirled borders, and a dramatic bow graphic complete the look.

See more ideas on the product page when you order this card here: Please Save the Date Photo Card (simply request the green & brown colors in the notes field if desired).

Elegant Grunge Save The Date Photo Card - Happiness Image


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Golden Brown Please Save The Date Photo Card

    Highlighting your love, this golden brown Please Save the Date photo card lets family and friends know to mark the day of your joyful union! Beginning with a golden border, the design is tied off with a uniquely custom printed bow. Ornate swirls and fl…

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