Elegant At Eighty Birthday Invitation

A lovely card created for the woman who’s elegant at eighty and inspires those around her! This square 80th birthday invitation is a stylish backdrop for your photo, which we can leave in original color or tint in black & white or sepia for a vintage look. The gold ribbon graphics and background pattern on this elegant at eighty birthday invitation design can be recolored to your taste, and if you would like to showcase more photos on the back, have this card printed on flat card stock.

See more ideas & personalize this card here: Square Dramatic Photo Birthday Invitation.

Elegant At Eighty Birthday Invitation Design - 80th Photo Gold


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Floral Damask 80th Birthday Invitation

    Customized for a modern lady’s party, this floral damask 80th birthday invitation can be custom-worded for any age. You can feature 1-3 photos, and we can tint any of them in sepia or black & white to give them a classic look. The all-pink color scheme…

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