Easy Toddler Meal Ideas

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas – A list of items that real toddlers actually do eat (from moms on my message board):


– Aunt Jemima pancakes & eggs

– Frozen waffles/french toast sticks

– Gogurt yogurt tubes

– Sweet potatoes


– Sloppy joes

– Cut up bananas

– Rice made with low-sodium chicken broth (try mixing meat/tofu/veggies into the rice, sometimes they will eat things that way that they wouldn’t otherwise).

– Sandwiches (tuna, egg salad, peanut butter for older toddlers, turkey, hummus, etc)

– Grilled cheese (Lil Duck loves this, and it is easy to sneak in some pureed veggies with that cheese too).

– Steamed, cut up baby carrots, butternut squash, edamame (soybeans)

– Quesadillas & wraps

– Whole wheat pasta with any sauce/veggie

– Lil Duck LOVES my pasta melt, crazy baby!

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