Easy Apples for Appaloosas Party Game

This easy apples for appaloosas party game is hilarious fun! It makes a cute activity for your cowgirl’s birthday party and a great photo opportunity for everyone too!

For this barnyard birthday party game, you’ll need:Easy Apples for Appaloosas Party Game - Birthday Fun Barnyard

– A small apple (with stem) for each child

– Sturdy string, yarn or thin twine

The kids will get to act just like wild horses at feeding time – yee-haw! Tie a piece of string securely around each apple stem. Hang (outdoors if possible) from tree branches, swing sets, clotheslines or other sturdy objects. Be sure that the apples hang low enough for kids to take bites out of them, without using their hands. Also check that the objects holding the apples are secure enough to withstand any yanking and pulling on the strings. It’s a fun challenge to keep the apples still long enough to eat them, with hilarity for everyone (especially the spectators)!

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