Easter Birthday Wording Ideas, Spring Party Card Verse Suggestions

Welcome spring and fresh celebrations with these Easter birthday wording ideas! For all of your spring party card verse suggestions, we have added a favorite invitation card design beside it, however we can use any of these wordings on any of our custom card designs. We can also add spring colors, graphicsEaster Birthday Wording Ideas, Spring Party Card Verse Suggestions and other elements to any of our designs if you prefer a different design outside of our spring party invitations gallery.

“Spring has sprung, it’s time for some fun, our little ____ is turning ONE! Flutter on over…” (Spring Flower Birthday Invitation)

“Easter bunnies hop with glee, because our spring baby is turning THREE! Please join us to celebrate ___’s THIRD birthday!”

“Double the hopping, double the fun, our spring bunnies are turning ONE!” (Double Spring Bunny Birthday Invitation)

“Come join us for a sweet spring tea party to honor ____” (Whimsical Quinceanera Invitation)

“A year of hopping, a year of fun, our spring bunny is turning one! ___’s First Birthday Party! Spring on over for party fun on…” (Spring Chick & Bunny Birthday Invitation)

“A year of flowers, blessings & fun, our Easter baby is turning one! Please join us to celebrate ___’s 1st Birthday…” (Shabby Chic Girl Birthday Invitation)

“Easter bunnies, springtime fun, our sweet April baby is turning ONE! Can’t hop to it? Let my mommy know…” (Pink Bunny Rabbit Invitation)

“A year full of hopping, a year full of fun, our spring boy is on the run! Join us to celebrate his ___ birthday! Hippity-hop on over for party fun…” (Spring Chick & Bunny Birthday Invitation)

“A sweet 1st birthday for our spring baby ___! A year of blessings, laughter and fun, our little bunny is turning one!” (Spring Cupcake Easter Birthday Card)

“Bunnies & chicks & springtime fun, our Easter party has nearly begun! ___ & ____’s Hippity-Hoppity Birthday Party!” (Double Spring Bunny Birthday Invitation)

“___’s Hip-Hippity Birthday! Spring bunnies and baby chicks too, our little April baby is turning two!”  (Spring Three Photo Easter Bunny Invitation)

“Hop on by for some spring fun, because our Easter bunny is turning _! There will be hippity, hoppity chocolate fun…”

“Get ready for hopping, blessings & fun, our sweet children are on the run! (Double Spring Bunny Birthday Invitation)

“Come on over for spring birthday fun, Our little bunny is turning one!” (Spring Chick & Bunny Birthday Invitation)

Have more Easter birthday wording ideas to share with us? Add them in the comments below!

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