Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

As spring comes again and the little ones get a year older, we get to find fun things that toddlers will enjoy for Easter! Here are some cute Easter basket ideas for toddlers that Lil’ Duck and his friends enjoy:

  • Sidewalk chalk (get the good stuff without the lead and other additives because they still like to eat the chalk).
  • Thomas the Train engines
  • Mini balls – soccer, basketball, baseball. I saw these at Target last week in a set of three, they aren’t small enough to be a choking hazard, but they could be ripped apart, depending on your child, so always watch them with these.
  • Bunny ears!
  • Blocks – Peek-a-blocks are fun for the younger ones, or some extra duplos for the bigger ones.
  • Hot Wheels and other cars (without any detachable parts).
  • Stickers
  • Larger play figures (Army men, Fisher-Price people, etc).
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Bubbles – these no spill bubble containers are a hit around here.
  • Smaller sand/bath toys

What are you putting in your little one’s basket this year?? Tell us in comments! Also see our 13 Toddler Easter Egg Fillers for more ideas and Cute Easter Costumes For Children & Babies for even more Easter fun, don’t forget your photo Easter cards as well!

22 thoughts on “Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

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  2. I’m getting my son who will be three next month, a pair of “My First Roller Skates” and elbow and knee pads to be his main present with some candy and of coarse a stuffed bunny. He will love them!

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