Ducky love!

My son has a big stuffed duck that goes EVERYWHERE with him. The duck goes to church, to Grandma’s house, to the park, to the grocery store, to the theme parks, the mall, etc. – he is a well-traveled duck for sure, receiving lots of ducky love! Yesterday, the duck needed an impromptu bath, and it was a baby tragedy.

Ducky love - Duck well-traveled Grandma's house, parkYou see, all was going well, we were dumping buckets of water on the lanai to wash away all the artwork and start fresh again, along with all the dirt and various other things that accumulated during the storm. Lil’ Duck was happily scrubbing with a rag and cackling his little head off. Then he decided, while I was busy filling up the bucket of water, that the duck needed to help. Yes, into the puddle of dirty water he went, and it wasn’t just a little water either. I tried to rinse him in the sink, but he was still sopping wet. I had some laundry that needed drying anyway, so I figure why not just toss the duck in there for a bit?

That was a mistake. You would have thought I chopped off his arm – horrible wails, red faced, screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing himself against the dryer screaming, “no wa-wa, no dryer, duck-duck, duck-duck, MY duck-duck!!” This went on until I finally got the duck out after about 10 minutes, still damp but at least not sopping wet.

This would have been the end of the drama, except that this morning he decided to pour his sippy of soy milk all over the same poor duck. So, all I have heard all day is, “no bath for duck-duck, no bath, no wa-wa, my duck” as he went thru the washer. The excitement of hearing the washer shut off was quickly replaced by heartbroken screams as the duck went not into his arms, but into the dryer again.

The duck could really use a fluffing on a full drying cycle, the poor thing looks like it’s been through a war now. Of course, as I am writing this, he just poured cinnamon applesauce all over the duck. Poor duck.

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  1. Hi There! I’m working my way through some of your post and am highly amused and entertained! hehe.

    Love this about the stuffed duck.

    We have “Bear-Bear” notBear. Not Teddy. “Bear-Bear”. He also has been through some hard times. Believe it or not, the 3.5 year old now will wait patiently for the whole wash/dry cycle if properly distracted! Of course, this does not account for the endless times he is stolen away while his owner sleeps unawares. Bear-Bear also now has grey eyes instead of black due to his weekly bleach baths and is not so vibrant blue any longer but still loved. . . .

    and here is the the most humerous part of all. we are on bear-bear #5!!!
    yup, same exact (Gund) “My first teddy” blue bear with satin neck ribbon. #’s 1-4 live happily in a bag at the back of Mom’s closet in various states of “loved up-ness”. Someday soon the truth will come out I’m sure as at 3.5 yrs old the little man is starting to be suspect of the “miracle bath” Bear-Bear sometimes gets. And the fact that Gund no longer carries this particular Bear. . .

    really, it’s just too funny but oh so bless-ed when bear-bear does his comforting job as no other friend can!

    And again, many thanks for coming over to visit again. I’m hoping to get my blogging spot or the kitchen up next! I’m so slow!!

  2. How the heck did I type “watrt” for water?

    Need. More. Coffee. (Each cup’s worth three IQ points for me… )

  3. One word: Scotchguard. Yeh, yeh, well, it’s been reformulated for “safety”–whatever that means. And poor Duck-Duck needs some protection, since apparently watrt (and other “stuff”) doesn’t roll offa HIS back…


  4. Lol! Your description “throwing himself at dryer” was so funny. You have to go find another duck, exactly the same, so you can switch them out when they get dirty, wet, soaked in hot sauce or something. Wouldn’t you just love to know what’s going on those little heads of theirs? Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I really enjoyed reading through yours!

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