Drifting Leaves 18th Birthday Invitation

Autumn leaves drift around your invitation details on this fall drifting leaves 18th birthday invitation. On your own version of this design, we can use a photo (in original color or vintage sepia) and we can also change the burnt orange & brown color scheme to your taste. You can also completely change the wording for any birthday year. To see more ideas & personalize this design, please visit the product page: Fine Eighteenth Birthday Invitation.

Our matched fine thank you cards end your party in beautiful style.

Drifting Leaves 18th Birthday Invitation - Autumn Fall Design


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Gold Two Photo 18th Birthday Invitation

    Eighteen beautiful years are celebrated on this gold two photo 18th birthday invitation! Two photos from her childhood and recent days create a lovely then and now contrast. They are paired together beautifully using a sepia (brownish) photo tint on bo…

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