Draw Pardner Craft Project

Draw Pardner Craft Project - Cowgirl Birthday Party Activity IdeaThis first cowgirl birthday party activity idea is an easy and fun craft option! We recommend using this draw pardner craft project as the first activity for your Western-themed party, as it is an easy way to entertain guests while you are busy greeting everyone.

For this artistic party craft, you’ll need:

– a wide sheet – roll of butcher paper and lots of paint-friendly tape

– Pictures or outlines of horses, cowboys, boots, cacti and other western shapes.

– Washable paints, markers, crayons, stamps, or any other artistic materials you wish.

Few cowpokes can resist a chance to draw on the wall – make sure to tape a wide sheet of butcher paper on the entire lower portion of your wall, so kids can reach it but not redecorate your house permanently! Spread out picture samples of cowboys, horses and cows for ideas (or have outlines already traced on the paper that is taped on your wall). Then provide paints, markers, etc., for your budding mural artists to be entertained while everyone is arriving.

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