Dora Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Dora Themed Birthday Party Ideas!

In honor of all of Lil’ Duck’s friends turning two, he wanted to share some ideas from their parties! Here’s some from a Dora party:

  • A map invitation– Nick Jr. has a map activity that could easily be converted.
  • Make little backpacks out of purple or blue bags.
  • Swiper could swipe the birthday cake or a key to get to the birthday cake.
  • A pinata would be a great idea. Maybe a star, since they probably won’t want to be taking swings at Dora or Boots (LOL!!). You could also do some kind of adventure to find the key or cake that Swiper took.

One thought on “Dora Themed Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Swiper…no swiping!

    (How I know this without small children in the house is beyond me…)

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